Thalattosuchians · 02. June 2020
After spending the last 20 years as a supposed pliosaur, it could be demonstrated by me and my colleagues that the marine reptile exhibited in the Heimatmuseum Ebermannstadt (Bavaria) is actually a metriorhynchid crocodile. I now had the honor provide the museum with an updated text for the exhibition and to organize a life reconstruction for this very rare find.
Thalattosuchians · 01. April 2020
Contrasting to the late Upper Jurassic lithographic limestones, the early Upper Jurassic strata of Southern Germany are comparatively rare in marine reptile remains. In my first study as a leading author we described the remains of two large-bodied marine crocodiles from the early Kimmeridgian of Southern Germany, showing they belong to a novel branch of metriorhynchids, preliminarily called the "E-clade".